Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Swachcham / స్వచ్చం" a latest Short Film by Manchi || Adoni ||

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Hi! All the viewers
This is Manchi (Manjunath Chillale). And it's my first successfully completed short film. Within a low budget i.e. Rs. 2000/- only. All the candidates who are participated in this are supported on successful completion. I am going to provide some great things on making this short film.
1. Low Budget i.e. Rs. 2000/- Only
2. Video was taken only through mobile camera
3. All Participants are new to this field.
4. Editing was done without having any editing software knowledge.
5. Shooting was done only when all the participants are having their free time. Mostly within 4 days.
6. Some of the music on this short film was provided by my loving brother (LAKSHMINARAYANA – Dharmavaram) without his knowledge.

Thank You All


"Swachcham / స్వచ్చం" a latest Short Film by Manchi || Adoni ||

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