Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Very best Telugu Love story - Friend vs Lover

Without friendship there is no relationship. When a GIRL thinks of her future with her BOYFRIEND, its pretty normal thing. But when a BOY think of his future with his GIRLFRIEND, he's very SERIOUS...! 
In this film the story revolves round the around Sanju & Nairu who are a good best friends from 8years. Sanju fells in LOVE with nairu as the time passes, but nairu is very particular about her marriage. She wants to get married with her families decision. One fine day Sanju proposes Nairu about his LOVE & asks her decison. Nairu debates with him that a TRUE FRIEND can't be a TRUE LOVER. What happens in the is the plot.

Cameraman - Gopal SSV
Music : Royalty Free Tunes
VFX & Editing : Sandeep Anandh Murukurthy.
Producer : P Ramya
Written & Directed by : Sandeep Anand Murukurthy

Very best Telugu Love story - Friend vs Lover

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