Friday, May 5, 2017

Agent-G suspense thriller telugu short film

a Naresh film 
Watch it in 720p HD
This is a suspense thriller type Short Film mixed with twists..Hope U all like this short film and give your valuable feed back...Its a different style of film making with sharp editing and it is not a routine 
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Cinematographers:Harsha Deevi :Vamsi Deevi :Naresh.G
Genre:Suspense thriller
Cast:Kiran Kumar Vamsi Konduri Saimanoj Mokkapati Gautham.Ch Subbu Devarakonda Sandeep Boina

Language: Telugu

Duration: 18:48

Supporting Team:
Veerendra sir
Rohit singh
Varre srujith
Vara prasad Marthota
Sandeep Boina
Mahesh Babu

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Agent-G || suspense thriller || telugu short film

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