Sunday, January 4, 2015

new Short Film "#HITHUDU"and drop a your valuable feedback will helps us improve a lot more..

HITHUDU Telugu New Short Films 2015

Virgo Man Creations Presents " BRAND BABY - BAND BABU " Description : In real life its really difficult to get a GIRL...! As we know girls always refuses direct LOVE proposals. Here the hero BAND BABU tries in such a different way that the heroine BRAND BABY fells into LOVE with hero. The supporting characters play an Important role & helps the BAND BABU in the process of LOVE with the girl. Finally he makes the girl to propose him. Plot : How the hero gets the GIRL into LOVE in his own way of approach goes really entertaining & funny. Video Courtesy from :

BRAND BABY BAND BABU Telugu Short film

Spinner Telugu Short Film Banner - R&R Creations Cast - Sangana Ramesh, Swetha, Vamsi Krishna, Anjun (Chintu), Sateesh, Shaik Mohammad Rafi, Raj Kamal Camera Man - Kamal, Rafi Editing - VFX - Avinash, Sunil Kumar Asst. Director - Jagadish, Subbami Producer - R&R Creations Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction - Raj Kamal Guntuku Video Courtesy from

Spinner Telugu Short Film

Partner || A Path Breaking Short Film || Telugu Short Film 2014 Cast : Shyam Vinjamuri, Siva Paveen P, Ravi Teja V, Dayakar Ravuri, Sampath Boddula,Shankar Story Direction By T.C Pradeep Kumar Presented by : Wide Angle Pictures Contact : video Courtesy from YouTube

Partner || A Path Breaking Short Film || Telugu Short Film 2014

v for ve2 silent short film

This is my 2nd short film with no budget. Mission Of Satya was my first one..

v for ve2 silent short films

I AM CALLING FROM is a Telugu drama about day in the life of a call center executive.Movie is not over until it is over(Watch it even after end title credits). Drop in your Feedback at

I AM CALLING FROM is a Telugu drama

Chill Chesadu Telugu Short film

Chill Chesadu is a Movie Which Elevates Hyderabad City Brand, Chill Chesadu - A Ravi Kiran Raju Film

Chill Chesadu (Every Lover Must Watch) | A Ravi Kiran Raju Movie | Telugu Movie English Subtitles

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