Saturday, December 19, 2015

60 Seconds Short Films Contest 2016

60 Seconds Short Films Contest 2016

                         Short Films for Better Society 
                                    -Say Something with Silence

60 Seconds ?

Are you a Short film Maker ?

Have a Talent ?

What do you made ?

is your short film useful to anyone ?

Use your talent for Society...

Don't Look for views... Look for Vision.. 

Ignite your Ideas with Short Clicks...

Open your Ideas for better Society....

Real Challenge for a Creative Short films makers. 

First Contest Details : 

It is very simple to say "  Plant  A Tree

Welcome to our First Contest and your first Challenge :    " Plant  A Tree "

Theme : Plant A Tree.

make a short film about Plant a Tree. 

Try to Make a simple short film like any one can understand it.

What is This ?

 This is an Experimental Contest of Short films for Better Society.

Duration ?

60 Seconds (Exactly) 

Video ? 

Any Video quality, Videos Shot on Cell Phones to Full HD.

Audio ?

NO Audio and NO Music (Strictly Audio Not Required)

You Can Simply say this is a Silent Short Film Contest.

Why No Audio ?

  • To Avoid Language Barriers.

  • To Reduce Your Budget Cost. 

  • We eliminated Audio for this Contest.

* You Can Use English Subtitles for Convey your Message.

Photos ?

This is not a slide show or Photo story.

you can use few photos (use Non Copy right material.)

Strict Rules :

Eligibility only for Indians

1. Duration : 60 Sec including Your Tiles

2. Be Original (Don't Copy other Ideas)

More information 

Dead line for this Contest will be announced soon... 

Contact Email address :

You Can Give Suggestions..

If There is any Grammatical Mistakes in this Post..

feel free to say.. we will correct it....


  1. please send deadline and date of final result

  2. Contest Dead Line March 31... May be Extend Depending upon Participants...
    All The best

  3. Its an Experimental contest. Every Short film maker need Viewers.
    We will Promote Top 5 videos in Google ads for a specified period of time..
    We will Display All Participants names in
    We will give you a Participation Certificate from
    NO Entry fees :: NO Money Prizes.. ALL THE BEST :)


contact: for more details.

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