Saturday, December 19, 2015

60 Seconds Short Films Contest 2016

60 Seconds Short Films Contest 2016

                         Short Films for Better Society 
                                    -Say Something with Silence

60 Seconds ?

Are you a Short film Maker ?

Have a Talent ?

What do you made ?

is your short film useful to anyone ?

Use your talent for Society...

Don't Look for views... Look for Vision.. 

Ignite your Ideas with Short Clicks...

Open your Ideas for better Society....

Real Challenge for a Creative Short films makers. 

First Contest Details : 

It is very simple to say "  Plant  A Tree

Welcome to our First Contest and your first Challenge :    " Plant  A Tree "

Theme : Plant A Tree.

make a short film about Plant a Tree. 

Try to Make a simple short film like any one can understand it.

What is This ?

 This is an Experimental Contest of Short films for Better Society.

Duration ?

60 Seconds (Exactly) 

Video ? 

Any Video quality, Videos Shot on Cell Phones to Full HD.

Audio ?

NO Audio and NO Music (Strictly Audio Not Required)

You Can Simply say this is a Silent Short Film Contest.

Why No Audio ?

  • To Avoid Language Barriers.

  • To Reduce Your Budget Cost. 

  • We eliminated Audio for this Contest.

* You Can Use English Subtitles for Convey your Message.

Photos ?

This is not a slide show or Photo story.

you can use few photos (use Non Copy right material.)

Strict Rules :

Eligibility only for Indians

1. Duration : 60 Sec including Your Tiles

2. Be Original (Don't Copy other Ideas)

More information 

Dead line for this Contest will be announced soon... 

Contact Email address :

You Can Give Suggestions..

If There is any Grammatical Mistakes in this Post..

feel free to say.. we will correct it....