Monday, May 18, 2015

Neetho Nadavalani is an attempt at a film Telugu

Neetho Nadavalani is an attempt at a film,and it is a muuki love story , without dialogues we ran for less than 10 minutes its a best Short film of the year 2015, 

This combined effort of director Vaseem and Camera man Madhu and Murali babu (editor), Venkatesh belde,Sudha reddy,Mitra bhaguvathi ,Rohan Yadav,Shabaresh Unnikrishnanan, 

Koneru nagarjuna is to showcase the talent of each of us in various aspects of,we love cinema and we would love for all of you to embark with film makings on our new journey.....this is our first pit stop....and one of puri idea and we proudly promote this short film as "Best Short film video of the year 2015(Puri Idea 5)" we hope to have served you with a good love story in terms of a poetic sense and we wish to have you on board for the rest of the halts to come in our hopefully long trip ahead. latest short films in telugu 2015 , New Short films 2015,

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