Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baabubali | Telugu Comedy Short Film 2014 | Patriots NDC

This Is A Comedy Short Film Made By 2k12 Batch Of Narayana Dental College,Nellore 

 Cast : Dilip Krishna,Abhinay Reddy,Nanda Kishore,Sanam Fathima,Kalyan,Shabharish,Gautham,Ravi. 

Camera: Abhinay Reddy 

Editing : Abhinay Reddy 

Script & Screenplay : Dilip Krishna

 Direction: Dilip Krishna 

 Thanks To : The Whole Team Of KUSHI Movie (Telugu) BELLY RAJ | DEEPA-KONTE CHOOPUTHO Thomas Bergersen-14 - Downstream Kailash Kher-Nee Choopula Blanket Barricade-Blue Jacket-1229


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Baabubali | Telugu Comedy Short Film 2014 | Patriots NDC