Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chittoor Seenu || 2015 Telugu comedy short film || ultimate non-stop comedy || HD

Short but very comedy shortfilm: 

Chittoor Seenu 2015 Telugu ultimate non-stop comedy short film Full HD, 

Chittoor seenu is a comical factionist character arriving to Hyderabad from remote village with the dream to rule the world, the story revolves around how he suffers in surviving the city environment in very funny and comical ways.

Cast: Vaibhav Roy as Chittoor Seenu B.Nagaraju as Music Maddy B.S.Srujan as Babblu Md. Adil as Waiter B.Vivek Vardhan Reddy acting as director

 Crew: Vaibhav Roy B.Nagaraju B.Vivek Vardhan Reddy B.S.Srujan Vishal (Vishu) Special Thanks to : Mr.S.Ramachandra Rao (Camera) B.Vivek Vardhan Reddy (Cinematography) Mr.Md.Adil (Cafe) Vishal Vishu (Boompole operation) B.S.Srujan (Support) Last but not least all of our parents for encouraging and believing in us. 

 Thanks to all the people who supported us, without your help this would just be a concept not content.