Monday, June 29, 2015

Fighter | Telugu Short Film on Love-Life With English Subtitles

Vishwa Raj's Fighter Telugu short film, co-starring Sindhura, Sudhir Ballani, Ramesh Ravori, Narayana. Music composed by Royal Raj, produced by Akula Meenu, Akula Sandeep, Akula Karthik. 

Story, screenplay, dialogues, written & directed by Vishwa Raj.

Fighter is an emotional drama short film that revolves between two characters Vishwa & his wife. How Vishwa struggles to provide his wife a happy & secured life is the main plot of the story. Will Vishwa sacrifice his goals for his wife or will he achieve all the things ? It must be watched in the film. The emotions stirred by the lead roles makes you fall in love with this Fighter. Watch & witness how this Fighter fights for his girl & goal.

Fighter | Telugu Short Film on Love & Life | With English Subtitles

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