Friday, June 26, 2015

IDIOT Telugu Short Film - CAINS Creations

CAINS Creations presents "IDIOT" Telugu short film..!!

When Nandini loses her mobile phone... Akshay finds it & tells her that he would like to return it to her.. Srinu, Akshay's best friend also helps him through this situation. The Story now revolves around these Two Strangers + One Jaffa.. Watch the film to find out how this all ends..!!

Story - Direction : Azad
Editing - Irshad
Cinematography - Srujan
ExecutiveProducer - HariHaran

Akshay Akki - Meher Chaitanya
Nandini Reddy - Nandini
Srinu - Sai Charan
And other supporting roles by
Mahesh, Supriya, Nagarjuna, Prasanna, Nikhil

With Special Thanks to :
Madhuri Photo Studio H.B.Colony
IDEA Sri Venkatesshwara Communications H.B.Colony
Lakshman (Art Director)

And our beloved Friends & Family who supported us in the making of this film..!!

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Note : All the BGM used in this movie are created by CAINS Creations and protected under copyright law.

IDIOT Telugu Short Film - CAINS Creations

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