Monday, June 22, 2015

"NAALO NENU LENU" ( నాలో నేను లేను ) Telugu short film by Srinivas Bandari

Hi everyone..!! This is Srinivas Bandari, with my second short film. It has been done with just a tripod, camera in a small room with an assistant, raju nomula. No any kind of latest technologies like BGS, RR or visual effects etc are used. Hope you all appreciate my approach of film making. I dint mean to portray anyone here. If it becomes an eye opener for few, then my efforts are satisfied. I hope you will be friend with your ownself all over again. Please friends, do think about it....!!
Please give your valueble feed back.

Srinivas Bandari

"NAALO NENU LENU" ( నాలో నేను లేను ) Telugu short film by Srinivas Bandari

 Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction & DOP - SRINIVAS BANDARI

Editting & Photography - Raju nomula

Casting - Srinivas Bandari, Srinivas Bandari & Srinivas Bandari

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