Friday, June 26, 2015

Save The Girl Child [Short Film] [In Telugu]

We are all students from BiPC and AIEEE in Narayana college in Nandyal.This is just a short film taken to play in our college farewell party ! Everybody went with the routine stuff but a few of us decided to do something different like spread awareness against a social evil !! and this is our attempt.

              We are not professionals + we had only 3-4 days time to execute the idea we had into a short film.Hence,it might not be that good as other short films but this is just a beginning for everyone of us! with this experience we will do it more professionally from next time on with more effort and dedication!! Feedback is most welcome but no rude comments please ! and yes,this is not to hurt anybody's feelings.Just watch it and get enlightened ! 

Credits can be viewed at the end of the film :)

Very Good Message Short film | Good attempt by Students

Save The Girl Child [Short Film] [In Telugu]

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