Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blu Ray - Telugu Action Short Film by Sri Harsha

Hello Everybody....
Good Morning... Good Afternoon... Good Evening... Good Night... Whatever it is..!
This movie is my dream.. my Aim..

Officially this is my 3rd film., but started shooting this film first and took 1year & 6 months for it's release.
Got a rating of " 8.8 / 10 " from audience in self theatre established for 3 days in Aadhrita-2012 Event in M.V.G.R. College Of Engineering.

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My heartful thanks to:
Haritha(my sister)
Mani Kumar

Please watch it, give your valuable feedback and share it with ur friends...

Thank You..

- S.V. Sri Harsha

Blu Ray - Telugu Short Film by Sri Harsha - An S Film

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