Sunday, July 5, 2015

Funny Love Fantasy Comedy Telugu Short film ReLoaded (NEW)

Its a Comedy Short Film...:D
It's First Making Attempt From Makers World Films!!!
we made it with few camera's... shooting has completed in 5+6hours total 11 hours... all were single takes with new talents.


Dharan is a wildlife photographer ...found a bear cub in a forest n brought it home n kept the cub as his pet .the bear appear to be innocent but was smart enough to do all the stuffs that a man can do. it used to observe the actions n behavior of daharan and used to imitate

jassika is a rich girl and she wont give a damn about a guy called andy(poor guy) who is loving her sincerely from 2 years because he is not rich..she will start chating with new freind Salman Raj in facebook

andy n dharan are good friends day dharan was suppose to go out of station on some official work so he will call up andy and ask for his favour saying am going out of station for couple of days and can u please take care of sony..andy will be more happy thinking that sony is some girl he will go to dharans place and will be horrified when he come to know sony is not a girl but a bear....

Jessika will fall in love with Salman Raj..and one fine day they both will decide to meet and eventually she will realize the person whom she fell in love with is not a human being but a bear... Its a Fantasy short film.....we made in hurry situation....

Funny Love Fantasy Comedy Telugu Short film ReLoaded (NEW).