Saturday, August 15, 2015

Inspiration of Janasena | Dedicated to Pawan Kalyan

Inspiration of Janasena Telugu Short Film. Dedicated to Pawan Kalyan. The short film describes us the loopholes in Indian politics and Indian democracy. It expuinds the fact that politicians doesn't need any exams to qualify to be a Politician, but public servants like IAS need to qualify many tough exams to reach that position. 

In such situation, Pawan Kalyan gave a ray of hope with Janasena party. Janasena party is the only party who showcased only eligible and educated persons as leaders. Watch the short film to witness our dirty politics which are going to be changed by Pawan Kalyan leading Janasena party.

Inspiration of Janasena | Telugu Short Film | Dedicated to Pawan Kalyan


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