Sunday, August 23, 2015

Telugu Message Short film 'Gayam' - by srujan

Telugu short film - Gayam.
This Film Won second best Award in Vizag short & Documentary Film festival 2012.

This short film deals with a serious issue of our society, The film narrates a school going boy's life. The boy is very active and lives happily in his own world where is his father is a farmer and struggles to earn the daily bread for the family. one day boy request his father to fulfill his small wish, what happens to the wish of the boy and what situation the boy face in his all about the film.

Cast - 
Neelam Raj, Master Likhith Dasari, Ramachandra Rao Dasari
Music - Sidharth Sadasivuni
Written & Directed by - Srujan Attada

I thank everyone for watching the film and request you to help us in creating awareness about the issue.

Feel free to express your feedback and we thank you for that...

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