Monday, August 10, 2015

" White And Black " || Full New Telugu Short Film With Sub Titles 2015

Hello!!! Everyone... We got some message to say u all through our small effort,.. Our movie is dedicated to all the deaf and dumb ppl out there in the society,.. 
They should not b treated differently, they are not supposed to be ignored, dey are not supposed to be underestimated,. They too have all kinds of feelings, thoughts, wishes and dreams like all of us.. Infact dey are actually more stronger than us, more kind, more intelligent, more understanding,.. They are just fine and happy as dey are,.. 

So stop treating dem as somthing abnormal,..let us treat them equally,.. They do desrv love and respect .. Shed your love and wish something good for them...thanku you all... And yeah!! If u people loved our small effort in bringing someone change in our thoughts... Den plz encourage us... Like our video, share and subscribe... Thank u all once again...

Crazy Capture Creations Presents White And Black On the occasion of Holi 2015 - White And Black Telugu Short film Trailer in The Love Series with Mr.Kolu Productions Starring : Mounika Naidu, Akshay Kuma Story-Screenplay-Cinematography-Direc­ti­­on:saiteja kola Editing: Vamshi Krishna Vemula Producers:pavan kuma

" White And Black " || Full New Telugu Short Film With Sub Titles 2015 || By Sai teja Kola

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