Tuesday, September 8, 2015

9:30 AM Latest Psychological Telugu Short Film

9:30 AM is 2015 latest psychological Telugu short film by Raghunath. Exclusively on Khelpedia. 9.30 AM short film also stars Sharath, Prudhvi, Charan, Siva Ram, Bharani. Directed by Raghunath. Editing by Sai Charan and Sharat Chandra. Cinematography by Bharani Kumar.

9:30 AM is a psychological short film that turns around 2 friends and a stranger. The two friends try to cash out a situation gifted to them. On the other side, the stranger starts his search for the money. Watch the short film to know who grabs the money at last.

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9:30 AM | Latest Psychological Telugu Short Film 2015 | By Raghunath | Khelpedia

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