Friday, September 11, 2015

DHAGA (ధగ) {X-Rated} Telugu Short-film

Warning : Explicit language 

హెచ్చరిక ::   లఘు చిత్రం పిల్లలు, విద్యార్థులు, మహిళలు చూడకండి...

ఈ లఘు చిత్రం లో ఆసభ్యకరమైన మాటలు ఉపయోగించారు....

The Shortfilm, Dhaga (ధగ) was an experiment targeting very few audience who are a group of friends and has Explicit language. Those who do not like to watch or hear explicit language can stay away from this video. And don't think otherwise there is absolutely NO NUDITY. LOL.

P.S: This Movie was shot in One Day !!!!

DHAGA (ధగ) {X-Rated} Telugu Short-film by Thirty-Bucks Productions

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