Sunday, September 6, 2015

God Bless Boy Friend short movie

Boyfriends....Those real pitiable helpless creatures who are always caught in between the devil and the deep sea. Call an apple round and he's a meal asking to be munched, call it oval and he's drowned. He crosses the road hurriedly in enthusiasm to get to her fast, he's reckless; he wades through the traffic cautiously, he's losing interest.
What options does he have? Frankly speaking, bite his fingers instead of his nails and pull his head instead of his hair. 
He's that creature which neither is a caterpillar nor a butterfly. Stuffed and suffocated in a cucoon. Can't crawl, can't fly. 
The character depicted in this video are not purely fictitious and imaginary. He bears resemblance to a certain breed called "Boyfriends".
And yeah ladies, these stunts are performed by professionals under extreme safety measures. Please don't try these when your boyfriends are without guards.

God Bless Boy Friends - LOL Series || Telugu Comedy Short Film Be Crazy - LOL Series || Telugu Comedy Short Film

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