Thursday, September 24, 2015

Priyathama Telugu Love Short Film 2015

Priyathama, a Telugu love short film 2015 excluively on Khelpedia. Priyathama short film features Bhargav, Koushik, Aamani, Pranitha, Chandhana, Bhanu, Veeramachineni Vani, Yeshwanth. Music composed by Prem LM. Cinematography, story, screenplay and direction by Karthik Prasad.

Priyathama short film expounds the unending love of a pair who searches for each other after a heart-breaking breakup. Watch Priyathama to know how their lives go on and how they end up. 

Priyathama | Telugu Love Short Film 2015 | By Karthik Prasad | Khelpedia

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