Wednesday, September 30, 2015

RAMUDA - KRISHNUDA Telugu Short Film 7 Hills Channel

Most awaited ROMANTIC SHORT FILM by Sasi Kanth Reddy


The story is based on true characters, in real life every man wants her Girl to be a LORD SEETHA, in the same way the WOMEN wants her man to be LORD RAMA. Hero finds a girl assuming to be seetha, but wats happens in the is PLOT of the movie.


Casting: Patamatalanka Naveen, Rithika, Praneeth Reddy etc...
Asst.Dir: Manideep Reddy & Nagireddy 
DOP: Sandeep Baddula
Music: Satya Somesh 
Dialogues: K.Srikar Reddy 
Producers: Raja Reddy M & Siva Rami Reddy B
Story & Direction : Sasi Kanth Reddy 

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RAMUDA - KRISHNUDA II Telugu Short Film 2014 || 7 Hills Channel

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