Saturday, October 17, 2015

MITHAI KARAPPUSA Short Film with English Subtitiles

Mithai Karappusa (A sweet & hot Love story!) - Telugu Short Film
Genre: Drama, Poetic & Musical

Story about Anusha & Varun, who are best friends from childhood, confused about their feelings on each other. Eventually Anusha & Varun gets individually motivated by their close friends Aruna & Sravan respectively. After Varun & Sravan's Mutual friend Sairam entering into the situation, story takes a twist. Watch out for rest of the story....How Anusha & Varun's relation ended up & Who are Aruna & Sravan...!!

Edited & Directed by: Sheshu Valuva
Story, Screenplay & Produced by: Kalyan Kasyap Garimella
Co-Produced by: Yogesh Panathur
Music by: Surya Prakash & Chandradhar
Cinematography by: Sudesh & Sheshu
Poetry by: Ravi & Kalyan
Recording Studio & Media Partners: Adya Media & Adya News
Music Recorded by: Surya Prakash
Music Edited on: Garageband
Guitar: Surya Prakash
Percussion: Chandradhar
Song Vocals: ASR Kiran & Surya Prakash
Song Lyrics by: Ravi Chivuluru
Video shot on: Canon 600D
Cast: Sai Chandrika, Jaya Venkat, Harika, CPK Srinivas & Sairam

MITHAI KARAPPUSA - Telugu Short Film (with English Subtitiles)

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