Friday, October 2, 2015

? (Question) Horror Short Film

Synopsis: (Story Board)

It's a story of a little girl who is dead due to harassment and was waiting to share her agony. Knowing this, a renowned ghost hunter, who wants to know if life existed after death, attempts to meet the girl and listen to her. However, he loses his life by the end of the story.

Film Name: ? (Question) Horror Short Film

Director: Shakti C.
Screen Writer / Screen Play : Shakti C.
Editor : Shakti C.
Camera / DOP / Cinematography : Shakti C.
Producer: Lakshmi G.
Banner: Bharathi Movies.
Production : A Lakshmi Production.
Music: online (Third party)

Cast / Character : Character : Ghost Hunter  Actor : Raghava
                           Character : Reporter  Actor : Suma
                           Character : Neighbour  Actor : Siddu
                           Character : Ghost  Actor : Subbu
                           Character : Ghost 2  Actor : Kohana

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