Sunday, February 14, 2016

Peter Re-Peter Thriller Short Films 2106

Peter Re-Peter Short Film by Shining Knight Pictures. Peter Re-Peter Short Film features Revanth Kumar Bandari. Written, Shot, Edited & directed by Kaushik Dasari. Music by Kevin MacLeod (


Peter, a Mechanical Engineering Student is dejected, as he has failed in all the subjects in the exams and is lost in his thoughts. A paper ball hits him and brings him out of his thoughts. On checking, Peter finds out that the paper ball is in fact his marks memo that he was holding in his other hand. He also comes to know that there is someone observing him from the other room. Who is this guy and how did he get the same marks memo?

Genre: Thriller / Sci-Fi

Peter Re-Peter Short Film | Shining Knight Pictures | 2015 Thriller Short Films

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