Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tattvam | Telugu Short Film | by Addepalli Phanindra

Tattvam : A Telugu short film produced to show case the creativity in limited time and limited resources. Genuine Comments are appreciated. 

Technical Specifications

Shoot Time: 10 hrs 

Characters: 4

Camera: Nikon D 3100 - 18-55 mm

Editing Software: Audios: Sony Sound Forge (Trial) Videos: Adobe Premier Pro CC (Trial)

BGM: Blake Neely - The Mentalist Cris Tyang - Suits 

Production Cost: 250 INR - 5 USD 

This was a first experimental attempt of making a short film. Completely focused on time and cost limitation. 

Firstly we apologize in advance for any coincidences to real life and also for violating any copyrights. We have no intention of making money out of this video.

#Telugu #Action #shortfilm

Tattvam | Telugu Short Film | by Addepalli Phanindra

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