Tuesday, May 3, 2016

VENGEANCE - Action Short Film by Dr. Thejakiran Jallipalli

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Vengeance an Action Short Film by Dr. Thejakiran Jallipalli
VENGEANCE - Action Short Film 2016 by Dr. Thejakiran Jallipalli

Film's Synopsis :

Once upon a time in a no mans land, two forces collided for the sacredest cause. one to avenge loss of his dear ones and other to avenge his revenge. Story about rise and fall of Devadutt by his own brought up Theja. How Kshirin Devadutt's son contributed to it. And how in the midst of all this Lakshmi, Murthy and Icy were lost. Vengeance is a short film Directed by Dr. Thejakiran Jallipalli. Acted by Dr. Ravindra Gade, Dr. Siva Kartheek, Dr. Rashmee Rathod, Dr. Praneeth Reddy Matta, Dr. Nitin Teja A, Dr. Ksn Murthy and many Others. Produced by Dr. Ravindra Gade and Dr. Thejakran Jallipalli. 
Made by doctors. 

Won RGPG Award for Best Innovative Short film, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Fights Choreographed, Best Screenplay, Best VFX, Best Actors in Villains Role, Best Short film. 

And also Won many hearts.
Watch and enjoy 
First Ever Telugu Action Short Film. With Graphics.
Also special thanks to Dr. Sharath pawar 2k9 batch and Rama krishna reddy


VENGEANCE - Action Short Film by Dr. Thejakiran Jallipalli

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