Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Aakashavani NiceTelugu Short Film 2016 Directed by Sandeep

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A story of a guy and girl who meets in a coffee shop but never spoke a word. What all happens on the screen is synced with the radio jockey's version from our assumed radio station 99.5FM. Its a screening that shows how the guy approaches the girl in a completely different way.The best part is the humour generated when the guy tries to grab the girl's attention.Hope you all will like it.

Written and Directed by Sandeep Kishan Chowdary
Cinematography by Sharath Chandra.v
Caste - Ranveer chiriguru and Mudita Rajan
Editor - Sidharth
Sound designer - Mustafa yusuf
Produced by Karthikeyan Gatlewar and Sravana Keerthi Chowdary

Aakashavani || Telugu Short Film 2016 || Directed by Sandeep

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