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Sumanth Tudimilla Vishwakarma proudly presents... "THANKS ANNAYYA" Telugu Short Film, Releasing on 9th February, 2016

A beautiful and different story about two friends and a ghost. It is a sincere attempt to highlight the importance of human values in today’s society.
Sumanth Tudimilla is the organising secretary of ABVYS (Akhila Bharatiya Vishwakarma Yuvajana Sangam) and also a passionate filmmaker

And feels that improving the society is the current need of the hour, ABYVS constantly makes effort to send a message in the society to curb the evils and movies are the best medium to see this and hence Thanks Annayya!

Two friends Vikram and Ravi, plan to visit their hometown for a vacation. When they reach the village outskirts they happen to hear weird sounds and suspect it to be a ghost. Vikram is quite scared but Ravi makes fun out of it and says ghosts doesn’t exist and it is a hallucination. But Vikram is quite confident and starts to investigate regards to the same and the with help of village pandit's and a professor he comes to know about a heart touching truth about the ghost. What’s the truth and how it changes Vikram’s and others life is the remaining story. Story starts with comedy and horror and ends with a good message.

ABVYS Org. and Sumanth also thank Mrs. ALANKRITA BANERJEE who is the founder of PANKH the creative school that allows poor students to get Free education. Sumanth felt motivated and wanted to bring this movie so that he can bring a change and help PANKH and schools like PANKH to come up and help the society!
Cast and Crew :
Hero : Vikram ( Sujan )
Hero’s Friend : Ravi ( Vijay)
Ghost: Saroja (Chaithanya Sriperumbudur)
Professor: Vishwanath Acharya ( Virender Thakur)
Asst. Professor: Priyanka (Raksha)
Ghost's Uncle: Ramdas ( BN Rao)
Ghost's Brother: Nani (Koundinya Tudimilla Vishwakarma)
Ravi's Relative: Babbi (Sushanth Tudimilla Vishwakarma)
Ravi’s Uncle : Shiva Satyanarayana
Village Pandits : Sai Reddy & KVV Pantulu
Music: Padmarao Vishwakarma
Editor: Gopi
Production Executives: Pavan Chary, Sunny, Kali Sankar
Script, Screenplay, Dialogues, Producer, Director: Sumanth Tudimilla Vishwakarma

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