Monday, August 1, 2016

Title Tho Panemundhi | A Pavan Bandaru Film

A New Short Film Directed by PAVAN BANDARU

A Discussion about the situations faced in relationships in LOVE.
Here we have disused about the various stages and various situations faced commonly in couples who are in a Relationship.

We tried to show the feelings, Responsibilities and more in this short flick.

Here is our new short film " TITILE THO PANEAMUNDI" A Telugu Romantic Short Film from KAKINADA SHORT FILM CLUB production house in with associated with VLC - V Love Creations.

Uday Kumar 


Dubbing Artists :
MALE : Chaitanya Moturi
FEMALE : Susmitha

Dubbing Studio : KSFC Studios (Kakinada Short Film Club)

Dubbing Incharge : Sudheer Nani

VFX & DI : Vazeer Ishaan

Cinematography : Pratha Sri Vathsav

Story, Screenplay : Ram Gani

Direction : Pavan Bandaru 

Title Tho Panemundhi | A Pavan Bandaru Film

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