Monday, November 28, 2016

MAHATI New Indian Short Film

Story Synopsis:

This Film is all about a Writer's Pen Named "MAHATI". Early Morning there used to be a Writer's room where the light 
comes through windows, which explores the table having writer's objects kept in front of a window. At that moment, one 
great writer used to explore his knowledge and his skills,emotions and all about his life through his writings.
One Fine day, he comes little bit late, at that point of time, what would be the conversation goes on between Writer's 
Pen Named "Mahati" and Paper? How they react about their writer and his writings? What would be the opinions of 
pen and paper is the story of this Film.

Cinematographer: Shyam Prasad
Art Director : Nikhil Hassan
Editor: BSP Roy
Di: Nani Lukka
Music Director: Bhole Shavali
Voice Overs: RJ Krish and RJ Jo
Writer & Director : Pavan Kumar Tripurari

MAHATI Short Film

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