Thursday, January 5, 2017

Athala kuthala Paathaalam Latest Telugu Short FIlm 2017


as per the Hindu mythology - Out of many layers of earth the primarily divided layers are 3 - Athalam + Kuthala + Pathalam - Meaning Athala - the outer and exposed layer + Kuthala - The substantial layer of earth's crust that lies in between the exposed and the deepest parts of earth + and the Paathala - the deepest and the final layers of earth.

The connection to the title is the similar section of human nature - the introspection divided into 3layers - The Act (Athala) + The thought (Paathala) + Process between the thought and the act(Kuthala). In short this story is titled with perspective human nature of his - the act to do (or) not to do and a process of doing u wanted to do. the zeal and passion of exposing ur deeper presence of passion.

Athala Kuthala Paathaalam is a story of a father and his two sons - their journey staged on - with a theatre play - Introspect - Perceive - Live : The theme :)
Cast & Crew details :

Mohan Sivalenka 

Srinivas Nayeem

Written & Directed By : Pandrangi Sravan 

Cinematography : Sriman Keerth

Music : Ashic Arun

Editing : Venkat Kalyan

Art : Kranthi

MakeUp : Malladi Gopal Krishna 

Art Assistance : Meher ravi Teja Raju Purushotham 

Asst. Cinematography : Nagaraj ,Sai Kiran Parsha

Asst. Directors : Srinivas, Balu sharma , Pranith , Krishna Bharani , Hemanth Sivalenka

Athala kuthala Paathaalam || Latest Telugu Short FIlm 2017|| Directed by Sravan Pandrangi

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