Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aame (ఆమె) Award Winning Film By Vejju Satyanarayana

AmE is based on day to day situations that girls are facing. This includes Eve teasing, Prone to criticism, Society constraints and boxed thinking by men. Recently sexual harassment increased and women are being blamed for these crimes. It is the time that everyone should think and correct their thought process. This movie is an eye-opener. We could not cover all the aspects, but tried to touch few areas and narrowed down our scope. This movie is dedicated to all women who have guts to say No and stand by , all parents who respect their daughters and daughter-in-laws, all men who understood the value of a lady. Thank you AmE team for great work. 

Published on March 7th 2017
Sneha Talika presents 
Vijayawada vari Hamsa Productions 

Story, screenplay, direction; Vejju Satyanarayana
Dialogues; Kotha eshwar
Cinematography, Editing & DI; Ajay ejjada
Music; Kesava kiran
Publicity designer; Kishore VFX bro
producer : Hanu Krothapalli 
cast : Navya kanakala Jaanu Minni Divya Narni Chaithu Sofi 
Pavan Reddy Parasuram Srinivas Mishal Jain Aashish Khan 
GK Anand Reddy

Aame (ఆమె) Award Winning Film By Vejju Satyanarayana

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