Monday, April 10, 2017

11th Hour means - LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

11th Hour is a Telugu Short Film about LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and SACRIFICE , HOPE.

It's the story about two strangers (Santosh and Anand ) who meet at an isolated place and they were desperate to commit suicide because of their problems.

But is committing SUICIDE is the only solution for your problems ?

What are the problems of these guys ?

Is it Rejection? Breakup? Lover getting married to someone chosen by Parents?
Got Cheated? Neglected ? Unworthy ?

Is ending up your life is the only solution?


For Each and every problem you have a definite solution...

This short film is about trying to throw light at these solutions even at the 11th hour.

Written and Directed by Neelakanta (Neil) Kimudu
DOP by Anji P
Music by M S Mallela

A BoxOfficeBee presents

And it is our first project.

Thanks to all who worked for this short film and who were missed out to mention in the TITLE CARDS.

Please share the video and like it to encourage for our future works.
Please comment or give feedback to improve in the areas we lagged to deliver.

11th hour | New Short Film | Directed by Neelakanta | Latest Telugu Short Film

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