Sunday, April 16, 2017

KISS MISS New Telugu Short film Sneha Talika Presents Direction by Seshu Arjun

Lovely lady calls for a man for a kiss. Watch our whether he gets the kiss or not. Try to understand the meaning ehrn a girl calls for a kiss. ఆడవారి మాటలకూ అర్థాలే వేరులే

Releasing for the Ist time Comedy Thriller visual feast 🎬 K I S S M I S S 🎥 from Hamsa Production.... The direction, dialogues, Picturization makes movie super special.
Starring : Sandeep Sandy , Tsunami Star - Leela , Madhu Sree
Special appearance by Shri Ramana Rao garu
You can expect good cinematography and lovely twists.. Please Subscribe to Hamsa 4 U youtube channel for movie updates

Production Details : -

Sneha Talika Presents, HAMSA PRODUCTIONS

😍K I S S M I S S 😍

Dialogues - Satish Pinnamaneni
Editing - Leela Venkatesh
Music - JOEL Creative works
DOP - VFX - DI - Krish Chaitanya
Story - Screen play - Direction by Seshu Arjun

We work for you. The Spirit reflects even in our name 'Hamsa 4 U'. This channel designed and launched fr your happiness.

KISS MISS II New Telugu Short film II Sneha Talika Presents II Direction by Seshu Arjun

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