Saturday, April 8, 2017

Short Film "EDUREETHA" Telugu with English subtitles (Full HD 1080p)

"ఎదురీత" (స్విమ్ అగేన్స్ట్ తే టైడ్) ఇస్ ఆ ఆక్షన్-థ్రిలర్

My First Short Film "EDUREETHA" (SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE) is a Action-Thriller

My Film is based on Collected Incidents of Society happening every nook and corner of The World.

My Perception to such incidents is Women should Rise and Act.

To me The Women is the Strongest Human being. 
If She Thinks she can....SHE CAN! It is the self realization for the Women, to Act.


Purna Creations / Artiste Factory

Cast :

Cinematography : Lokesh
Editing : Purna Anand
Sound Mixing : Purna Anand
Written / Direction and Producer : Purna Anand

Location: Film shot at Araku near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

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Short Film || "EDUREETHA" || Telugu || By Purna Anand || with English subtitles (Full HD 1080p)

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