Sunday, May 28, 2017

Manoharam Telugu Short Film 4k Video | Arjun Menon | Jo Chivukula | A film by Vikram Jammula

Manoharam - is the latest Telugu short film that revolves around the concept called "Marriage" Two beautiful souls connecting to each other over the bonding called Marriage has been established in the short film very much. There are totally three different characters in the film. While the first one is JO, the second one is Vikram and the third one is Arjun. The cute and short tale that is being told in the best possible way is all set to impress the viewers. Gone are the days, where the parents are setting up the matches for their children and nowadays, it is all about the guy and girl getting close to each other, understanding each other and then checking their compatibility. And the final process is taking a decision of moving forward or not.

In this beautiful Telugu short film called Manoharam, we are showing the inhibitions and doubts that every guy and girl having about Marriage. Have you ever wondered about a saying that goes like "It is wrong to talk to strangers, move around with strangers but it is alright to marry one." The whole concept of Manoharam lies about the same. The guy in our short film will be having such doubts and indirectly the girl is also having the same doubts. But the short film tries to establish the love bonding between them and clears their way to the beautiful wedding world. The short film Manoharam has a beautiful conversation between two people where one is opposing the marriage while the other person very much wanted the marriage. What happens when this argument goes on and on. Will there be any end or who gets compromised in the end or how is the compromise done? Crushing out all these doubts, watch out the short film to know how the lead pair united for the bonding called Marriage.

Manoharam is one short film which is made of a unique collaboration of different talented people. These days, we get to see a number of short films on Youtube every day, we have tried our best to stand out as the best in the competitive world. All we believe is the content and we are hoping that the content would be the best in impressing the viewers. No short film is a waste but if it deserves some appreciation, then it is something not going to be a waste. We have come up with some wonderful visuals, unique dialogues and pleasant music. All we put is our hard work to show up our creative skill.

Telugu short films these days are highly impressive. Every day, many short films are coming in Telugu on Youtube and the trend of web series is also going viral. Though we are going to see so many short films, the best short films are very less and we made Manoharam short film hoping that this would be a best short film. There are different genres in which short films are made. There are multiple awards winning short films too but love and romance genre will be evergreen and Manoharam Telugu Short film comes under the Romance genre. Short films these days are the connecting platforms between the talent and film industry. Everyone is searching for talents on Youtube.

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Manoharam is actually the title of a super hit Telugu film directed by Gunasekhar. This short film is nowhere related to that Manoharam.

Manoharam Short film Cast and Crew:
Starring: Arjun Menon, Jo Chivukula, Sandeep Kadime
DOP: Vikram Jammula - VJ Photography
Editing: V. Venkata Ramana
Publicity Designs: Ganesh PSR - PSR Designs
Music: Kalyan Naik
Mixing: Darrel Mascarenhas
Producers: Venkatesh Padarthi, Pavan Gudimetla, Sriram Pulivarthy, SVSK Teja
Production House: Happy Flicks
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues: Rayarao Sriram
Direction: Vikram Jammula

Manoharam Telugu Short Film 4k Video | Arjun Menon | Jo Chivukula | A film by Vikram Jammula