Friday, May 5, 2017

The Promise - New Telugu Short Film 2017 || By Satish Dosa

The Promise is a amazing film which involves with friendship by satish dosa from Sky Light Movies. There are three characters chinku,bablu,prem who were best friends in the day plan to move into the near by forest,and there over they promise that to meet again in the forest after 10 day chinku leaves his friends and moves to other state,their friends comes to end by leaving the village.after 10 years chinku comes to the forest rest of the friends won't.Chinku comes to know that prem settled in foreign and bablu joined in the indian army. He returns from forest by the end of the day.But it is a emotional heart touching movie.

cast : mahesh,nithin,nidhish,ismail khan.
camera : eyriez shamshu.
direction : satish dosa
producer : Sandeep Reddy


 The Promise - New Telugu Short Film 2017 || By Satish Dosa

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