Sunday, June 18, 2017

Phantasm | Directed by Chaitanya Kondamudi

The story runs around two characters , which takes place in Real world and Parallel world. The Character from the real world had lost his grand mother who used to narrate stories for him . But due to sudden death of his grandmother he couldn't cope up wit the real world so he couldn't get out that shock . His grandmother died because the same character in the parallel universe had killed her . That incident affected both the world . All this is nothing but hallucinations of the person who's writing this story in his diary

Cast & Crew
Sagar Chauhan

Chaitanya Kondamudi

Varun Manyala

Music Director
Suman Vankara

Titles Design
Bosu Babu

Co writer
Ashish Patnaik

Sairam Patnala & Sampath Patnaik

Phantasm | Directed by Chaitanya Kondamudi

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