Tuesday, February 6, 2018

SPARDHA new short film directed by Niroop kumar

SPARDHA which means a fight within. It is about a wanna be world champion kickboxer and his journey of obstacles to understand the true meaning of life and passion. Not to worry even if your don't understand the language #Telugu as #English Subtitles have been added for all passionate film makers to understand no matter which corner of the world you are from. #Spardha is a latest telugu short film of 2018 which is directed by Niroop Kumar a writer turned director and debut's with this movie. The screening of Spardha Telugu short film was conducted on the 3rd of February, 2018. The same as online release of the short movie. "Kala kanadam goppa kaadu, Daani saadhinchadam goppa kaadu. Aa renditi madhyalo daani kosam chesey YUDHAM goppa. YUDDHAM MAATRAME GOPPA." "It's not great to have a dream, It's not great to achieve the dream. It is fight you fought, in between the dreaming and achieving which is GREATER."
Cast & Crew: ----------------- Writer & Director: Niroop Kumar Producer: Vr Kanneganti Music: Shravan B D.O.P.: Parvaez K Art Director: Hari Varma Editor: Kumar Nirmala Srujan Starring: Shree, Kumar Nirmala Srujan Publicity Designer: Ganesh Ratnam