Saturday, May 26, 2018

Unavailable Rare Telugu short films collection 2011

Why telugu different from other video blogs.Olden days main motive behind is to showcase good real talented Telugu short films which are Unavailable in search results.

In 2011 we crawled youtube manually.
We find whats missing in realty and digital display results.

We created bolg for Telugu short films.
But we don't know about seo at that time.

2011 to 2018 every thing changed but same story repeated.

People who done good short films are still not available in search results.

Money & digital marketing masks real talent.

Presrent main consideration for search ranking user experience.

Thumbnails Traps  || reality missing

To help people who don't have seo knowledge. To make their short film visible to real audience. reviewing our past experiences with experiments we done.

We decided to go back to 2011 manual crawling theroy.

Old is Gold 

From Jun 2018 on wards

You can find the best shortfilms in Telugu.

We need support.

Tell your friends about Telugu short films.

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Unavailable rare Telugu short films you never watched..
Comming soon..